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Helpful Information and Resources for Mental Fitness

for peak performance on and off the field of play

Gameday Grounding

Simple yet impactful grounding exercises like deep breathing and engaging all your senses will help set the stage for more engaged, focused and ultimately better performance

Thinking Traps

Learn to become aware and avoid these most common traps our minds set that cause us to think, feel and perform negatively

Types of Therapy

With so many therapy options to choose from find out which would best suit you

Gameday Gratitude

Create the momentum you need heading into gameday with these daily gratitude practices.


Learn how to recognize, remedy and prevent burnout and the more serious Overtraining Syndrome


Goal setting is pivotal to becoming successful in any sport. Find out how to make the process of setting goals fit perfectly into your daily routine.


Learn how to improve your performance from the comfort of your own home without breaking a sweat (and with your eyes closed)

Sleep Hygiene

Optimize your performance by optimizing your sleep with these simple steps

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