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The SPMDs began as a conversation between two avid sports fans who just so happen to be psychiatrists. With the shared idea that participation in sports can set the foundation for success in any avenue of life, we seek to decrease the stigma of mental illness in sports. By doing so, we hope to empower the world's athletes to use mental fitness to achieve their highest performance on and off the field.


Armin Hoes, MD

Psychiatrist and Co-founder of SportsPsychMDs

Former sprinter and football player in high school, Dr. Hoes went on to attend the United States Air Force Academy where he earned Deans List honors and upon graduation earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and commission as US Air Force Intelligence Officer. Dr. Hoes served five years and is a decorated Iraq War Combat Veteran. After completing his service commitment, he entered medical school at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hoes went on to complete an internship in internal medicine at Howard University Hospital followed by a year of residency training in Neurology at Duke University before transferring to UCLA where he completed his residency training in General Adult Psychiatry.  

Since completing residency and earning his Board Certification in Psychiatry, Dr. Hoes has served a variety of roles. He is CEO and Medical Director of Latitude Mental Health Care an LA Based Psychiatry practice focused on holistic approaches and wellness. He also serves as Community Psychiatrist for Kaiser Permanente in their South LA clinics. He previously served two years as attending psychiatrist for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental as a community psychiatrist for the Compton and South LA clinics. 

Dr. Hoes’ experiences and accomplishments embody the SportsPsychMDs' cornerstone value of resilience. He is passionate about social justice, inspiring wellness and community advocacy. He’s an avid sports fan and has been since he was 5 years old. Dr. Hoes believes that through the lens of competitive sports, the lessons of mental health and wellness can be promoted in a way that inspires people to make their lives better.  


Torey Troggio, MD

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist and Co-founder of SportsPsychMDs

Former standout bench warmer for his high school baseball and football teams, Torey brings the steady "glue guy" approach to the SportsPsychMDs' team. He draws upon his training in child and adolescent psychiatry to emphasize an all-encompassing approach to mental fitness--from getting to know an individual in relation to their background and environment, to providing educational tools and facilitating community engagement.  In his clinical practice, Torey emphasizes skill building and therapy in addition to medication management.

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Ariel Pollack

Program Manager, Research Specialist


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