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The Full Story


SportsPsychMDs is a registered 501-c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing students with tools for optimal health and wellness. Our educational programs promote goal setting, critical thinking, healthy habits, stress management and problem solving. 

SportsPsychMDs began as a conversation between two avid sports fans grinding their way through psychiatry residency training. With the shared idea that participation in sports can set the foundation for success in any avenue of life, Drs. Armin Hoes and Torey Troggio began exploring ways to help decrease the stigma of mental illness in sports and enrich the athletic experience. 

In 2020, Drs. Hoes and Troggio established SportsPsychMDs. These two community-minded psychiatrist who are devoted to promoting mental health and wellness saw sports as a mechanism to reach, engage, educate, and foster mental wellness in youth. With this in mind they created a program to provide mental health services for children and families in addition to a program to train first responders and ancillary professionals to recognize and care for persons experiencing mental health issues. 

Balancing Rocks


SportsPsychMDS engages youth, families, and professionals in underserved communities to foster resilience through mental health awareness, education, professional skills development and mental fitness training.


Healthier and More Resilient Communities through Mental Fitness

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