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Osagie Obanor, MD

Program Coordinator and Research Specialist

Former run of the mill high school basketball and soccer player, Osaige, went on to attend Duke University, earning a Bachelor's degree in chemistry and then Meharry Medical College for medical school. As a diehard Blue Devil and Arsenal fan, Osagie brings his passion for athletic competition, as well as passions for community advocacy and mental health to SportsPsychMDs. His presence adds a flavor of sharp wit, comedic relief, and irrational confidence to the eclectic team dynamic. Osagie draws upon his unconventional journey through medicine and training in general psychiatry to convey themes of resilience and wellness that are embodied by SportsPsychMDs' mission.

In clinical practice, Osagie emphasizes interpersonal interaction and rapport development to implement a person-specific brand of psychiatric intervention which considers a person's social determinants of health within a holistic treatment modality. In rare moments of free time, Osagie enjoys playing sports, studying behavioral economics, engaging in community advocacy, social experiments and nights of debauchery on the town.

Osagie Obanor, MD
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