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Jean Humphrey

Education Consultant/Program Manager

Jean joins the team with more than 30 years’ experience as an educator, higher education administrator, program developer, and grants administrator/manager. Her major interest is the physical, mental, and emotional health of children and youth. She holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in English and Secondary Education from Howard University, a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Columbia University, and a Certificate in Education Management from Harvard University.

Jean began her career as a junior high school Reading Specialist. This experience placed her in a position to work with children who were academically stressed due to the fact that they were unable to read at ages 12 and beyond and often bullied as a result. In addition, many were from unstable homes. Hence, Jean became interested in how to help these youth to enhance their self-esteem, develop the needed skills, and assist their counselors and families in securing the necessary mental health resources.

Over the years, Jean served four historically black colleges and universities, Clark College, Bennett College; Bowie State University and the University of the District of Columbia. Positions at these institutions included Program Coordinator; Director, Grants and Contracts; Vice President, Sponsored Programs, Research and Special Projects; and Research Officer. In addition, Jean has served as a federal programs consultant to several colleges and universities and a peer reader for the U.S. Departments of Education and Housing and Urban Development. Jean also served as CEO for Community Education and Development Services which was established to provide training and grant services for charitable, non-profit organizations. In addition, Jean has served on several state and local boards of directors and is a graduate of the Gallup and Challenge Greensboro Leadership Programs and Piedmont Regional Leadership Institute. Jean Humphrey’s experiences, accomplishments, and special interests in the development of the whole child, and positive communities has led her to join the SportsPsychMDs Team in its quest to inspire wellness and community advocacy. She is pleased to be a part of an organization that promotes mental health and wellness through sports.

Jean Humphrey
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